Complete solutions in industrial automation and electrical drives

We deliver

  • complete programme in industrial automation (programmable logic controllers, operator panels, industrial PC, sensors, software PLC analysers)
  • complete range of electrical drives and power electronics with specializing at Siemens AG products (AC drives, DC drives, servodrives, soft starters, uninterruptible power supplies)
  • standard and specific low-voltage switchboards for industrial machines and process control according to customers' specifications

We offer

  • analysis and complete retrofitting of older production equipment and machine control with guarantee of maximal productivity and reliability
  • designs and projects of new machine production lines control (complete projects according to EN and IEC standards, software development including monitoring and visualization systems)
  • rewiew, design and re-adjustment of the production and technology equipments according to safety standards
  • commissioning of new and older production equipment
  • lifetime service of all our realized deliveries (customer support and 24h hot-line service)
  • electro-service of production equipment trough outsourcing (complete production equipment care with high cost-effectiveness)



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